Greetings from Syria, a border Town to Its twin, Bagdad WHEREIN like the legendary former, everything is working according to plan, your plan, which you All directly or indirecly did prédict and clamour for over the past months. Here, Its indegens çan barely sleep, If at All We have the opportunity to, and If ever We are lucky enough to see the next minute alive and Free.
I guess you must Be very satisfied and happy vis-à-vis thé happenings herein for the past days for you merit popping champagne as THE MEN carried out your wishes, strictly. Though you MAY All Be aware of the current status quo, do permit me brief you on How it All went and counting. We are Yet to confirm the amount of Human casualties which investigators on the ground such as REDHAC and Equinox TV, estimate to Be huge. Same applies to the arrests, the inhumaine treatment metted on many alongside the destruction of property. As I write, everything is lawful Here. Not even those Ïn their homes are safe, nor are the aged who can barely walk. Even thé temples of humanity, our ‘sangrials’, are desecrated. Indeed, We are Ïn Syria and Bagdad. 
Well, your prédictions and advice to the Stätë seem to Be carried out to the letter, and even better than you MAY have wished. After All, Aren’t we ANIMALS and dont We déseve to Be treated as such? Aren’t ANIMALS destined for élimination and subséquent consumption/digestion? But history will record that at a certain epoch, you fuelled and fanned hate speech on people you claimed are your Brothers. You clamoured for the Most cruel of treatment to Be metted on them, mercilessly. You believed they were ONLY good as corpses, not even as second class citizens. You championed All these and I hope You are most satisfied, YOU GREAT ACHEIVERS, as the blood of the innocent that has been spilt cries out from BEYOND while the survival of their kindred REMAINS a mystery. Le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun. 
Most Respectfully

From Syria

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