There is a growing itchy ball in my throat. It has been steadily growing since yesterday. Each time a try to cough and spit this ball out, it just grows bigger. Now my whole neck is starting to really hurt. My eyes are welling up and it is only a matter of time before the tears burst out and begin pouring down my already strained face. I am choking, almost. By the time I finish writing this, I am certain I would be drenched by my own tears.

This message is to each one of you my friends and your friends. Its is to you my family members and your friends too. Believe me, this message is also to you who is reading it but does not think I am worthy of wasting any time on. Its is also to you who doesn’t like me much and secretly wish I could just stop with the babbling and fuck off. Yes, I said it. In all of you, I only see goodhearted people full of empathy, people ready to jump up at the slightest sign of distress to extend a helping hand… people with big hearts. That is who you all are…each one you and your circle of friends.

So, here is the thing. I am writing this message as a top urgent and specific SOS call . It is my very personal alarm call for help. I am in need, in desperate need to help my fellow friends and brothers still left behind at the Kondengui Central Prison in Yaoundé. This is an I AM BEGGING YOU message, a call to all of your consciences to reach out and help. And just before you start making funny faces and asking how different my plea or request is from the many others probably already being flown around, let me attempt to break this down a bit.

Early this week, we lost our first brother Wohlen Vitalis. He died in detention – in Kondengui. Why did he die? He died because he was not given the appropriate medical attention he deserved as a human being. Why was he not given the appropriate medical attention? Well, simply because there wasn’t any money to pay hospital bills or buy medication. When some money was finally secured and made available, sadly, it was already too late. The illness had already eaten him up irreparably. That is the reason i have this itchy ball in my throat. We have many more very sick brothers in that prison enduring all sorts of diseases…most of them are in the dilapidated infirmary.


I am sending out the SOS message and it is different from every other one of it’s kind because unlike any other author who hasn’t spent a day in Kondengui, I on the contrary happen to have spent most of last year in there. I spent three full weeks in that decaying prison infirmary, dying. Everyone feared and cried for me. I could have been the first detainee to die in there but thankfully, I made it out alive . Vitalis wasn’t so lucky. I can rightfully say that what you think or imagine that you know about the prison, doesn’t even to describe it. I survived mainly because my family and friends came to see my every second day. They were there for me. But again, I was in prison with fellow brothers who never ones had a visit from anyone. There are many of them still in there like that and I see them every time I go to visit or when I go to court. It is heartbreaking.

So who is going to be the next to die and bring untold pain and heart ache to their struggling families? Well, NO ONE. Who is going to go for weeks without attention because there is no money to buy medication? Again, I say, NO ONE. Why do I say this with so much conviction? Well, because I have all of you behind me. This is my personal drive or campaign but I will not be able to see it through without your support, so therefore it is our thing, all of us. I BEG YOU, wherever you are in the world, contribute individually or in groups…no amount is small. Help me help our brothers who are locked among dangerous criminals for doing no wrong. Let us not lose another man…let us assure them that we will be there for them as soon as they fall sick. Let us put funds together and move the already sick to a proper health facility. Let us begin buy buying slippers, t-shirts, shorts, bedsheets, socks, under wear, towels, toiletries etc for them. It all starts with basic hygiene.

Please share as much as you can and inbox me for information on how to contribute. Let us all kick start this mission and sustain it till the day our brothers regain their freedom. If you cannot contribute or do not want to contribute (which is absolutely OK) please do not discourage anyone who wants to.

Thank you all in advance and may the good Lord continue to bless you ceaselessly.
Achomba Hans (Prisoner at kodengui)683 072 691

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