It will appear that SATAN has left the pit of hell, taken human form to rule Cameroon. Because, according statistical informations, 1,500 executions took place in the 1984 Coup détat and several disappearances.

There were 600 deaths in the 1990 Ghost Towns, 800 extrajudicial executions in the OPERATIONAL COMMAND, 150 deaths in the 2008 Hunger Strike, over 2,000 deaths in the BOKO HARAM fight, several deaths in the 1997 CAMAIR crash and the 2008 KENYA airways crash, more than 1,500 deaths in the LAKE NYOS disaster in 1986, about 300 deaths in the NSAM disaster, then a conflicting number of deaths in the ESEKA crash, added to about 2000 Anglophones executed in the recent past, all these put together paint a vivid picture that the NEW DEAL is a VAMPIRE REGIME that has all along survived by draining/drinking the blood of Cameroonians.

Added to the number of disappearances, recurrent deadly road accidents, collapse of houses, ritual killings, satanic practices in our cultures and untold bestiality, one will not be wrong to say that the ANTI CHRIST is already here and he rules Cameroon.

More than 30 million condoms sold out in 2016, more than 650 million liters of alcohol sold out by our breweries, the bar/brothel to library ratio is 100:1 (Professor NASAH).

Cameroon ranks among the few nations that have had the guts to bloodily kill several men of God including bishops and the culprits get away with it.

When Biya used the phrase APPRENTIS SORCIERS (apprentice sorcerers) during the 2008 national strike, many of us did not fully understand its implication.

Many took it for a joke and reverberated it as much as possible to show that they were in line with current affairs. Others even nick named their pals as such.

What President Biya actually meant was that he (BIYA) was the MASTER SORCERER and he was on top of the spiritual and political game, hence, the little demonstration by apprentice sorcerers in 2008 that lead to the death of about 150 Cameroonians could not evict him from power.

What was baptized as the 2008 HUNGER STRIKE was actually a revolt against the longevity of the BIYA rule and the impending CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT that had to make Biya the life president of this god-forsaken triangle.

It then appear that President Biya’s quest for power is so high that even if all Cameroonians had to die, that will mean nothing to him as long as he remains president, even at that, he will be the president of corpses.

If all Cameroonians were jailed it wont still matter to him because he will be the president of prisoners.

What do we expect from a country that is in permanent rivalry over which sect will have the highest number of ministers?

Over the years, sects have challenged the polity in open battle between the ESSINGAN, the ROSICRUCIAN and FREEMASONIC orders over who holds Cameroonian leadership.

Grand Masters of several sects have taken turns to visit Unity Palace officially on the tax-payers ticket.

Several billions are siphoned from government and paid as contributions to satanic GRAND LOUNGES in the WEST.

While the Christian triangle is made up of LOVE, TRUTH and LIGHT, we have the demonic triangle which is made up of MONEY, SEX, and POWER.

Cameroon is one of the rare countries to have harbored a multitude of PAPAL visits in so little time, added to the fact that Cameroon was among the first few African countries to have a priest appointed as CARDINAL.

Among other things, Cameroon has been a super-highway for the in and out visits of several men of God in the likes of; SULEMAN JOHNSON, LAZARUS MUOKA, REINHARD BONKE and many others who have made several visits in recent years.

In addition to that, Cameroon itself has several renowned MEN of GOD who pull large crowds daily in various churches and crusades around the country in a plethora of Pentecostal churches.

With all these put together, one begins to wonder whether the problem is with the men of God or with the lay faithful.

One questions the integrity of the men of God in disseminating the gospel of Righteousness as well as the source of their spiritual power.

Over decades, the relationship between the Vatican and satanic sects has been brought to question.

It has been mentioned in various quarters that the POPE is the spiritual head of all the sects in the world including the ROSE CROSS (AMORC) and the FREEMASONS.

However true that is, we cannot tell but evidence keeps surfacing that severally of people in Vatican high command are Grand Masters of the freemasons; ROBERTO CALVI, LICIO GELLI and others who managed the VATICAN BANK were renowned freemasons, yet they stayed in the Vatican till death.

The moral and spiritual bankruptcy in the church calls us to question as well as the incestuous relationship between the church and the State leaves us with a bitter taste on the tongue.

This did not begin today because over the years, the VATICAN has kept close ties with Dictatorial and Despotic regimes around the world.

Where was the Vatican when HITLER was exterminating the Jews across Europe?

The Vatican kept silent, on the contrary, Hitler recognized the LATERAN treaty and he held close ties with the Vatican as he authorized that only marriages that were celebrated in the Catholic Church will be recognized by the NAZI government.

Pope BENEDICT XVI was forced to resign because of several homosexual and pedophile scandals that rocked his tenure of office and he even gave protection to pedophile priests who were wanted for several counts of misconduct.

These criminals fled the US and hid themselves inside the Vatican to escape justice and Pope Benedict never turned them over to justice.

The present pope FRANCIS was accused of having close ties with the military regime that perpetrated mass executions and human rights abuses in Argentine when the present pope was bishop of Buenos Aires.

The case isnt different in Cameroon where JEAN ZOA and TONYE BAKOT, both prelates with abysmal moralities held close ties with the BIYA regime, regardless of the decadence, the human rights abuses, massive corruption, and the murder of several prelates in LEGENDARY proportions in Cameroon.

JEAN ZOA left more than a football team of children some which he obtained with married women in his church.

BAKOT had a 4.5 BILLION XAF financial scandal where proceeds from lease and sale of church lands ended up in his private account and the Vatican asked him to resign.

The same BAKOT visited BIYA during the highly rigged 2006 Presidential Elections and gave BIYA the churches endorsement of the results, even before the official proclamation of results to the dismay of the public.

Even our Anglophone bishops are not left out.

It was highly respected Cardinal TUMI who leased catholic land to the disreputable gambling company PMUC for a period of 60 years.

The church encouraging gambling which is against the word of GOD!

The decadence reigns supreme in the church and its a scandal for a bishop or priest to die of AIDS due to a heightened promiscuous lifestyle void of any spirituality.

What do we see around our churches these days; endless collections upon collection so that our men of God live opulent lifestyles, drive posh cars, champion chicken parlors and brothels, build houses for girlfriends and for family members, sponsor girlfriends in expensive schools and all the like.

We got some informations that bishop BUSHU of Buea openly declared that out of the 200 million XAF that was collected for the building of the cathedral, less than 50 million xaf actually got into the project, with 150 million XAF distracted by a gang of BANDITS in CASSOCKS, and the bishop let it go yet we continue to impoverish Christians day after day for the money to end up in private pockets.

The church is more corrupt than the Cameroon government. The same story goes for other churches.

For Rev FONKI to declare that the PCC LOST MORE THAN 1.5 BILLION XAF in earnings due to the failed 2016 school year, then its clear that the church worships money.

Even though many of our brothers were still in detention in dungeons, Nazi-styled concentration camps, schools had to resume so that the church gets its money, yet the same church called the same people with imprisoned and killed relatives to support them in their law suit.

Yea, a friend of mine says poor citizens contribute to get mission schools built but the same citizens are too poor to send their kids to the schools they built.

The righteousness at the pulpit must exceed the righteousness at the congregation for there to be a flow from the pulpit to the congregation and a blind man cannot lead a blind man.

There is no sermon that is bigger than your lifestyle, in the same was as Christ taught by the example of his own life, even up to the point of his death on the tree.

Lets take a look at our popular men of GOD (PROPHETS). Look at the opulent lives they live.

Anyone can Google and see the fortune of the 10 richest men of GOD. You will be astounded. Try and see!

In top Administrative circles, worship of the beast is common knowledge.

How do people get appointments in top positions?

It shocks me to learn that those governing us were once seminarians, starting with BIYA whose father was a catechist, MARTIN BELINGA or even OKALIA BILAI who can call human beings DOGS.

Where do we situate the problem responsible for this failure, with the clergy or in the laity?

So surprising immediately President Biya returned from the Vatican, the bishops were dragged to court in something that was masterminded by LAURENT ESSO, ATANGA NJI and ACHU JULIUS with EKEMA PATRICK during the EASTER week of all seasons, because it will appear President BIYA has no fear for GOD.

In Cameroon administration when you steal big and share with your superiors you get appointment or you retain your post, if you don’t steal you are deposed or framed and jailed.

If you tell lies in favour of the government you retain your post, if you tell the truth, you are deposed, dismissed or your salary is suspended.

We have seen how those appointed have held thanksgiving services in our churches and later returned to the oracles for traditional rights.

Close to any cabinet shake up, people have invited grand sorcerers from other countries to come and desecrate the land so that their names will be retained on the presidents table.

Many people have given hundreds of millions to sorcerers for them to be appointed yet they have been disappointed severally as the press reports.

Close to cabinet shake ups, several deaths are recorded on our roads because much blood is needed to feed satanic alters.

Often times, we under mind the spiritual implication of these road accidents. It is through accidents that enough blood is spilled to feed satanic altars.

Pundits have claimed that close to any presidential elections, a disaster must occur that will claim the lives of many so that the blood can be used to hypnotize the masses while Biya and his team remain in power.

Before any international football competition, the government does an open ecumenical high mass in support of the national team yet several sorcerers are paid hundreds of millions and added to the delegations so that through their chants and incantations, the lions can get victory. Football is the opium of the people.

We got several claims by sorcerers who were not paid because Cameroon failed woefully and the government failed to fulfill its obligations.

The same government has legalized pornography in music and a minister had to leave his seat to ridicule a prefect who placed a ban on certain sold (colle la petite).

To further compound the problem, the said song was played during an official occasion and ministers and other top government officials danced openly and CRTV broadcast it live.

The bible describes LIES as the DEVILS language with Satan being the father of all LIES.

If you look at the repeated LIES from government circles, you begin to wonder if there is any fear of God in these people.

It started with KONTCHOUOU AUGUSTINE, the author of all LIES and his ZERO MORT syndrome, the BRUNO BEKOLO followed suit, then ISSA TCHIROMA, NGALLE BIBEHE, FAME NDONGO and other pathological LIARS have masterminded the administration and the OPEN LIES continue unabated.

While other countries are modernizing their medical facilities, we are modernizing our mortuaries.

Over the years our mortuaries have become more and more sophisticated as death has become the order of the day.

NTONE NTONE recently procured a sophisticated crematorium to do the job because burying the dead was becoming an uphill task in the country.

Hundreds if not thousands of deaths related to maternal mortality are recorded in Cameroon every year.

30% of Cameroonians are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, 30% suffering from Diabetes, another 25% of Cameroonians are suffering from hepatitis then thousands suffering from renal diseases requiring dialysis every week.

Then MALARIA that kills thousands every year then HIV/AIDS that has come to stay, coupled with a decreasing life expectancy, in a country where the old have refused to die and the young keep dying.

Our old and aging retrenched workers are left to die with their dues unpaid, as well as our pensioners who storm the ministries daily, demanding their entitlements yet the government fails to meet u with its obligations.

Yet MEKULOU MVONDO of CNPS can throw lavish party for 300 million XAF to please his friends and girlfriends.

Why wont Cameroonians die from stress-related diseases when generalized discontent and anger has become part of their day.

Anyone can Google the WORLD HAPPINESS INDEX and see what position Cameroon occupies.

When Satan takes over the land, roles must be reversed as we have now; instead of children burying their parents, the reverse is true nowadays because we no longer have any regard for GOD.

Cameroon tops the charts the world over as to the number of clergy men that have been assassinated by the Ahidjo and Biya regimes. The number is frightfully high:


Rev Sisters GERMAINE MARIE and MARIE LEONNE raped and killed in 1992 (they were purportedly the last persons to have visited IRENE BIYA shortly before the latter was killed).

MATERNE BIKOA and KOUNOU in 1993, CLAUDE NDI in 2001, JOSEPH YAMB in 1993, BARNABE ZAMBO in 1989, YVES MARIE and DOMINIQUE LESCANNE, ANTOIN PROBST and a non exhaustive list of others.

When a country begins to kill its clergy as we see above then there is a big problem.

The majority of these clergy men were killed in their homes by unknown men and the culprits have never been brought to book.

Some 50 days ago, the tomb of bishop BALLA was desecrated with lots of blood found on it and on the altar of the Bafia cathedral.

The cathedral has remained closed since then. Those who killed the bishop came to finish their ritual job, likely to capture the bishops spirit than has been haunting them.

Human parts as well as corpses have been stolen from our mortuaries.

A network of the trafficking of human parts was discovered from the Douala mortuary.

Big men have paid sums of money to mortuary attendants so that they can make love with corpses, men and women alike, a mortuary in Mamfe was burgled into and a corpse was stolen and sexually violated by assailants.

Big men have been caught making love to mad women on our streets, while women have undressed and danced naked in Yaoundé and Douala as part of their rituals to get money and power.

Several youths have profaned tombs and removed human bones to supply to rich and powerful men in town. Even our MIRACLE churches are not left out.

A pastor was caught in Douala, living with the corpse of his 6 months dead wife on the same bed, claiming that JESUS had instructed him to do so, upon expecting her resurrection.

Money has become the new god to be worshipped as those who steal big and bring their loot to church are put on the first bench and given a special blessing while those who offer little from their sweat are given the back benches.

Water worth a few milliliters is bottled and sold for as much as 20,000XAF in exchange for blessings.

Jesus is now for sale and the poor will never get the blessings because blessings are now for sale.

Due to untold stress from a failed government, Cameroonians have become so desperate that they are ready to believe anything.

The gospel of prosperity has taken the lead and our churches and crusades are filled up as people open wide their ears to itching doctrines of prosperity without hard work, anointing without righteousness and many other paradoxes.

Religion has now become magic where with a single spray of anointed water, we can fold our sleeves and magic will happen.

That is how these men of god manipulate their way into our hearts with sources of powers that no one can attest to.

Several women were killed in MIMBOMAN YAOUNDE and their sexual organs removed for rituals while DSCHANG has reported several cases of gruesome murders that have been linked to ritual killings over recent years.

People have made love to animals while others have surrendered their wives to other mens carnal desires so as to get appointments in government positions.

People have taken the pains to dig their offices and bury magic portions, while other have buried live animals in their offices and cursed their seats so that anyone who sits on them will die.

INONI stunned the Buea populace during his home coming, when he refused to use the seats that were reserved for him and his wife at the bongo square grand stand.

A vehicle brought two seats that he and his wife used while the original seats were whisked off. Anyone can guess the reason behind such an act.

Road accidents have also claimed hundreds lives within the country, with more than 150 people losing their lives in AUGUST 2017 alone with the Yaounde-Douala road being among the most deadly roads the world over.

We cannot be surprised at all these when the Cameroon state was forged on blood?

More than 2 million Cameroonians were killed from 1955 to 1965 during the struggle for liberation from the French.

Several people were executed brutally and buried in mass graves.

Heads were chopped off, placed on stakes and paraded across the country like trophies.

General SEMENGUE has a lot of explaining to do and one day he or his family member will be made to.

If a country was founded on so much blood how do we expect the people to live in peace when the blood of all these innocents continues to haunt us ?


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